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Burnsville NC Deck Cleaning Project by Wish N Wash Services – Case Study


At Wish N Wash Services, we recently completed a significant project that we’re particularly proud of. Our soft wash deck cleaning project in the heart of Burnsville, NC 28714 was a unique endeavor, highlighting the need for quality outdoor cleaning in our community.[1]

The distinctive requirements for this deck cleaning project involved handling a substantial deck area featuring a variety of materials, requiring our specialized expertise to clean and protect them successfully.

Description of the Project

The Burnsville deck cleaning project aimed to restore the customer’s decks to their pristine condition. These decks, beloved spaces for family gatherings and relaxation, had weathered naturally due to exposure to the North Carolina climate[2].

Our team employed a gentle, but effective soft wash cleaning method[3], ensuring all dirt, surface contaminants, and remnants of weather damage were removed, restoring the decks back to their original condition.

Challenges and Solutions

The foremost challenge with this deck cleaning in Burnsville, NC was managing to treat the different types of materials involved without causing damage. Another challenge lay in restoring the faded colors and surfaces of each deck, no small undertaking given the severity of weathering and age.

Our solution involved a soft wash technique and using cleaning agents suitable for each type of surface material. The method efficiently removed dirt and restored the charm and character of the decks, breathing new life into the outdoor spaces.

Impact on the Local Community

This deck cleaning project did more than just restoring a client’s decks; it also directly benefited the Burnsville community. Properly maintained buildings in a community are not only attractive but can also contribute to a heightened local property value, which benefits all local homeowners.

Furthermore, the homeowner can now utilize their outdoor spaces for gatherings and social events, promoting community interaction within their networks and contributing to the overall wellness of the Burnsville community.


All in all, the deck cleaning project in Burnsville, NC was a considerable success, bringing quality outdoor cleaning services to our community. The project timeline showcases the incredible transformation.

If you are in need of quality cleaning services – be it deck cleaning, driveway cleaning, or even graffiti removal – look no further than Wish N Wash Services. Our dedicated team strives to deliver top-tier services to the Asheville, NC community and beyond. Learn more about us at our About page, and do not hesitate to contact us for your cleaning needs.[4]