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70+ Happy Customers Serviced

WishnWash Services Reviews

“Great company, Tim and his team were very professional from beginning to end. I had ongoing communication with Courtney on the timing of the project. Heath and his assistant did an excellent job of cleaning the gutters and my dryer vent. Would highly recommend this company.”

Martin L.

WishnWash Services Reviews

“Working with Tim , Heath & Courtney has been such a breath of fresh air. Dependable, respectful, & easy to work with. From first call l made to Courtney, to getting an estimate from Tim in a timely manner, to Heath coming out to do our job & doing it well, all were so friendly & professional. They are definitely the team we will use from now on. Grateful for this family owned business.”

Donna W.

WishnWash Services Reviews

“Great company. They did a beautiful job and they stayed on site until it was finished. They took great care in preparation and in protecting surrounding landscape.
Very friendly and well worth the money. We are already planning on Wish & Wash to return again to wash and seal our decorative concrete driveway.”

Jack M.


WishnWash Services is the pressure washing expert serving Burnsville, Boone and all the way to Asheville, NC.  We’re here to ensure you’re getting professional pressure washing for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

Whether you’re looking for professional pressure washing or professional soft washing, WishnWash is here to help.  We gladly service Commercial as well as Residential properties. Just give us a call and we’ll make your place look new again!

(828) 800-8004
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Should I Power Wash This?

Pressure washing may seem like the ultimate cleaning method. And, if used properly, it is! But it also exerts a lot of pressure on surfaces. Although this is the ideal method for some surfaces, it can damage your property if used on the wrong materials.

Pressure Wash This

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Concrete Patios

But Not That!

  • Siding
  • Roofs
  • Outdoor Wood Furniture
  • Windows
  • Wood Decks


Are you looking for professional soft washing for your home or business? WishnWash Services offers professional soft washing for your commercial building, house washing, roof cleaning, and window washing needs.

To ensure you’re getting the best clean possible, we offer professional soft washing using biodegradable, eco-friendly chemicals. Many times, pressure washing can damage your structure and potentially even void your warranty. If you’re looking for a gentle cleaning process for your cleaning needs, or just have questions, give us a call!



Our soft washing professionals offer exterior window cleaning for all your residential and commercial properties. Soft washing utilizes biodegradable, eco-friendly chemicals to break down the dirt and grime before it is cleaned away with a mixture of water and bleach.

Our soft washing technique ensures that your exterior windows are kept in the best shape possible throughout the cleaning process. No matter what, your windows are protected.

deck cleaning southern maryland
soft washing exterior house wash st. marys county


Our exterior cleaning experts specialize in Homeowners Association exterior cleaning. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service to help with the outdoor cleaning for your Homeowners Association, we are here to help.

Looking after exterior spaces can be difficult when you’re a part of an HOA. To ensure your exterior spaces are in the best shape possible throughout the year, work with our experts to set up an appointment and learn more about how our experts can keep your spaces clean. Call or fill out our form today to get your free quote!

4 Benefits of Pressure Washing


Save Money On Repairs

Regular maintenance saves a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. It prevents minor issues from becoming major problems.

Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal helps sell a house, keep the neighbors happy, or just make you feel like a million bucks when you are entertaining company. Whatever the reason, call us today!


Save Time

You have a lot on your plate. By delegating this task, you are better able to handle other matters in your life. This job requires experience, the right tools, and the skills to clean different surfaces without damaging them. Let our experience save you valuable time.


Real Estate Value

A clean house, that looks good when you pull up, sells.


Why Use Us?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 5-star ratings on Google from over 1500 happy customers prove that we don’t leave until the job is done to your satisfaction. And we stand behind the quality of work.

Contractors You Can Trust

When you’re going to have contractors working in or near your home, they should be people you can trust. Not only are we skilled at our work, but we also respect you and your property.

We’re a Local Business

Yancey County is our home. So unlike large corporate chains that are primarily concerned about the bottom line, we work hard to take care of the buildings in western North Carolina because this is our community too.

We Proudly Serve North Carolina

Burnsville, NC is truly our home, but we’re happy to provide quality power washing in all of North Carolina. We love taking care of the houses, commercial buildings, and sidewalks where we live. It really makes the community shine! We’d be happy to care for the needs of your property too. Give us a call or fill out the form below for a FREE quote.

(828) 800-8004
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WishnWash Proudly Services:

  • Asheville, NC
  • Bakersville, NC
  • Banner Elk, NC
  • Barnardsville, NC
  • Black Mountain, NC
  • Boone, NC
  • Burnsville, NC
  • Cane River, NC
  • Marion, NC
  • Spruce Pine, NC
  • Swannanoa, NC
  • Weaverville, NC
  • Johnson City, TN
  • Mars Hill, NC


What services do you offer?

We offer pressure washing, house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, wood restoration, fence cleaning, deck cleaning, stain removal, and more!

When was Wish N Wash Services established?

Wish N Wash Services has been serving customers since 2019, providing high-quality pressure washing and cleaning services.

Does Wish N Wash Services offer commercial pressure washing?

Yes, we offer commercial pressure washing services. We can clean buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, and other commercial properties to maintain their appearance and longevity.

How does pressure washing differ from power washing?

The terms “pressure washing” and “power washing” are often used interchangeably. However, power washing typically refers to the use of heated water under high pressure, which can be more effective at removing tough stains and contaminants. Pressure washing, on the other hand, relies solely on the force of water at high pressure.

Thank you Marshall’s Pressure Washing for this information!

What surfaces can be cleaned with pressure washing?

Pressure washing can be used on a variety of surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, decks, siding, fencing, patios, and roofs. It’s versatile enough to clean different materials such as concrete, wood, vinyl, and metal, but it’s important to use the right pressure settings and techniques to avoid damage.

Thank you AquaTech Pressure Washing for this info!

Can I pressure wash my property myself, or should I hire professionals?

While some individuals choose to pressure wash their property themselves by renting or purchasing equipment, professional services offer expertise, experience, and access to commercial-grade equipment. Professionals can ensure the job is done safely and effectively, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

Thanks to Premier Pro Wash for providing a clear understanding of this topic!

Does pressure washing use a lot of water?

Pressure washing is actually more water-efficient than many traditional cleaning methods. The high pressure allows less water to be used more effectively to remove dirt and grime. However, water usage can still vary based on the equipment and the specific job.

Thank you Mitchell’s Pressure Washing for providing this info!

What areas do you service?

We are based in Burnsville NC, but we operate anywhere inbetween Asheville NC, Johnson City TN, and Hickory NC.

What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Both pressure washing and power washing are methods used to clean surfaces using high-pressure water, but there are key differences primarily involving the use of heat.

Pressure Washing: This method utilizes a high-pressure stream of cold or normal temperature water to blast away dirt and other materials from outdoor surfaces. The force of the cold water is often enough to clean dirt off exterior walls, sidewalks, driveways, and decks. Pressure washing is particularly effective for removing loose paint, mold, grime, and dust. The advantage of using cold water is that it’s less likely to damage sensitive surfaces like wood or certain types of stone.

Power Washing: Power washing uses a high-pressure stream of hot water instead of cold. The hot water helps to more effectively break down organic material, making it ideal for areas that are heavily soiled with grease, salt, mildew, and mold. Heating the water makes it better at sanitizing surfaces as the hot water can kill more bacteria and mold, making this method preferable for more industrial applications or more severe conditions like stained driveways or heavy mold growth on a patio.

Thank you Beyer Carpet Cleaning for providing this info.

Can DIY methods be as effective as professional pressure washing?

DIY Pressure Washing:

  • Equipment: DIY pressure washing typically involves consumer-grade pressure washers, which are generally less powerful than the commercial-grade equipment used by professionals. While sufficient for small tasks like cleaning garden furniture or small decks, they may not have the power needed to thoroughly clean large or heavily soiled surfaces.
  • Technique: Effective pressure washing relies on using the correct technique, which includes the right angle and distance of the spray to the surface. Amateurs may not have the skill or knowledge to optimize these factors, leading to less efficient cleaning or even damage to the surface.
  • Time and Effort: DIY pressure washing can be more time-consuming for individuals who are not trained. What professionals can accomplish quickly might take non-professionals much longer, and the results might still fall short of expectations.
  • Cost: Initially, DIY might seem less expensive due to the absence of labor costs. However, the purchase or rental of equipment, along with any necessary cleaning agents, can add up. Additionally, ineffective cleaning might require repeated efforts, increasing the overall expense.

Professional Pressure Washing:

  • Equipment: Professionals use high-grade, powerful pressure washers that can adjust to the correct pressure for any job. This equipment is more efficient at removing stubborn stains and built-up grime.
  • Technique: Professional pressure washers have the expertise and experience to choose the right techniques for different types of surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without damage. Their knowledge on how to handle various contaminants like oil, mold, and algae is also crucial for effective cleaning.
  • Efficiency: Because of their equipment and expertise, professionals can complete pressure washing tasks more quickly and with better results than typical DIY attempts.
  • Safety and Compliance: Professionals are aware of environmental regulations regarding water runoff and the use of chemicals. They ensure that their cleaning practices are environmentally safe and compliant with local laws.

A special thanks to Sully’s Pressure Washing for sourcing this.