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Christmas Lights Installation

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Want to achieve a spectacular light display this holiday season? Your search for professional Christmas light installation services is over. We offer comprehensive Christmas light installation services that will help you achieve any design that you can imagine. 

You can rely on a professional team to take you from design and installation to maintenance and removal of the Christmas lights display. We will do all the work so you can focus on other tasks during the festive season. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and start working on bringing your vision for your home or commercial building to life.

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We Offer Professional Christmas Lights Installation

We are a comprehensive Christmas light installer service. Our creative, highly skilled and experienced team will guide you through the design of your outdoor Christmas lights display. Our team will help you achieve a creative design for your home or for your business. We have experience installing lights displays on all different types of property. Our team comes fully equipped for the job. We’ll get it done as safely and quickly as possible.

Christmas Light Installation Includes:

We offer comprehensive and professional Christmas light installation services. Our services will take you from design and installation to the removal of your Christmas lights display. Our Christmas light installation services include:

Lighting Design Consulting

Work with our talented design team to create a custom holiday lights display that meets your needs and requirements. We work with our clients to bring their visions to life. Wondering what design to have installed? Our design team will work with you to learn about your preferences and goals in order to provide you with a design that suits your home or business. You’ll know exactly what to expect prior to committing to the installation. Contact us for free design consultation.


Our team of professionals is experienced in installing outdoor lights displays under different conditions. We will take the burden and risk out of installing your outdoor lights display. Our team comes fully equipped to carry out the job. We’ll handle everything from start to finish. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality.


Has a light bulb in your Christmas lights display burned out? Our team will be on hand to repair the lights display. We are a Christmas light installer that believes in providing our clients with full and efficient support. We strive to ensure our customers get the most out of their Christmas lights displays by ensuring that the lights display is working efficiently throughout the festive season.

Lights Removal

Our professional team will handle the removal of your lights. We will leave your house or commercial property exactly as it was prior to the installation. We will store the lights and décor safely so you can enjoy them in the next festive season.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

We are an affordable Christmas light installer that residents trust. We strive to offer our customers competitive rates for installation. The cost of Christmas lights installation will depend on the size of the property, the type of design and the type of décor being used for display.

How Do You Calculate Your Labor Estimate?

Our labor costs will depend on how long the installation will take to complete. It will also depend on the difficulty of the installation. We will provide you with an accurate quote detailing the cost of labor after the approval of the design.

When Should I Schedule My Christmas Light Installation?

As soon as possible! We’d recommend getting your lights up early in the season so you have more time to enjoy your display. We strive to provide our customers with services that meet their needs and we always work with our client’s schedules. Simply let us know the best time to have the lights installed.

Will Your Installers Remove My Lights as Well as Install Them?

We offer comprehensive services and handle the lighting process from start to finish. Our professional team will design the display, install and remove the lights. We will also store them in our climate controlled warehouse so you can enjoy them next season.

Why Choose Us for the Christmas Lights Service in Burnsville, WA?

If you’re looking for the best Christmas light installers, you’re in the right place. WishnWash offers professional and comprehensive services. We have the tools for the job and hiring us will keep you off a ladder this upcoming holiday season. We make achieving a spectacular Christmas lights display easy. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help!

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